Voozoo Facebook Movie Clips – Sched.org – Hulu – 3.12.08

Voozoo Facebook Movie Clips – Sched.org – Hulu – 3.12.08



Paramount and FanRocket are combining forces to create VooZoo, a web application that lets you grab movie clips and send them to your friends on Facebook. These will be short clips, usually lasting from several seconds to a full minute, And below each clip a small button appears that allows the viewer to purchase a DVD of the movie.


The star of last year’s South by Southwest Conference on technology was Twitter, the microblogging service. This year, a website called Sched.org stole the show. It’s a calendaring application and it showed its real power by creating a schedule for the conference for attendees to synch up and use. Let’s hope other conferences get the idea and create similar calendars — it makes the experience of going to conferences — and figuring out where to be and when — a lot easier — especially the after parties :-)


MyVox is about to make a big splash when it opens its phone-to-web API to the public this week. This system lets you create a voice message using your cellphone, and then put it on Google Maps, Facebook or any web page you wish. It’s free to use — the only cost of the service is listening to a small advertisement while you’re on hold.


Six Apart and WordPress are at it again — feuding across blogs and twitter, trying to get users to switch from one platform to another. What started it this time? Looks like the creator of Six Apart casually remarked in a blog that maybe users should try switching to his platform rather than upgrading to the new version WordPress. This sparked angry remarks from both camps. Man, people sure take their blogging platform allegiances seriously.


And today is the day that Hulu, the video web site founded by Fox and NBC Universal, finally goes live. That’s right — no more private beta. And the news gets even better — not only can you watch your favorite NBC and Fox shows for free, anytime, but they have added support from Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, the NBA, NHL and twenty other content providers.


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