Google – Youtube – Facebook Freeline Report 3.5.08

Google – Youtube – Facebook Freeline Report 3.5.08


YouTube is adding live video streaming later on this year, competing directly with the slew of live sites like Yahoo Live and UStream and others. They say that they’ve always wanted to do live streaming, but did not have the resources until they were bought from Google.

Google has announced funding for a Harvard project, which will store searchable information for DNA sequences. Combined with Google’s other recent projects (storing health care records and the like) it looks like the web giant is branching out and being the go to place for information retrieval.

Dance Jam, the Youtube for Dance Videos, has moved out of private beta this week and into open beta testing. Dance Jam was founded by 80′s icon MC Hammer, and allows users to upload and link to their own home made dance videos.

Facebook has announced that they have been working on tools for bands to upload videos, announce news for the band and sell music or band merchandise. The visitors to a band’s Facebook page can then listen to music and watch videos from directly inside the page.

Looks like the rumors are true- key Microsoft programs like Office are coming online and to a web browser near you. The products will be free and ad-supported, and will be competing directly with Google Docs and Adobe’s Buzzword applications.

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